Masala Monsoon, Inspired Aromatic Blends evoke the scent of the earth after warm rains – Our first aromas are: Rose, Jasmine, Marigold garam masalas

My name is Sumayya Usmani, and I founded Masala Monsoon. I am a food writer and cookery teacher who grew up in a spice loving country called Pakistan and this brand is inspired by the secrets I learnt cooking and absorbing the flavours of a nation and through my many travels in my childhood to exotic lands and countries with spice cultures.  I learnt a style of infusing spice that is second nature to me. After moving to the UK, I realised that these natural ways I combined spice with food were inherently the authentic style of cooking  in so many cultures. Using spice  is more important that just adding chilli to food, its not about quantity, its about it’s correct infusion in stages, what the elements spice brings to a recipe and how it is ‘layered’ in a dish.

Masala Monsoon is created to bring to you the best memories I have of my homeland, my travels and spice. Inspired by the warm rains of the monsoons, the tropical showers and the rains of my adopted land now, I bring to you my first range of Floral Garam Masalas, each reliving a childhood memory for indigenous flowers of my nation, global spice yet creating blends you can use in any cuisine or food. Your imagination is the limit alone.

The recipes I create on the site are just examples of some of the incredible creations made from these exotic blends and  celebrate my many experiences of travels through her life time that rejoice these floral spice blends with world flavours. 

Let spices bring your senses to life and keep posted for many more spice adventures and travels in the making! 


Sumayya x


Our 3 floral garam masalas are…

Rose petal Garam Masala – Romantic and Celebratory View product
Jasmine Garam Masala – Exotic and Calming View product
Marigold Garam Masala – Earth and Festive View product

Our blends are unique, each compliments food differently. All you need is fresh ingredients, Masala Monsoon blends and a little creativity! 

Our recipes guide you to open up a whole new way of using garam masalas in any cuisine, and bring the comfort of warm monsoons into your cooking!